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We have specialists with extensive experience in the treatment of hair problems, and we apply different techniques according to the diagnosis of our patients. CFS Hair Group is in a period of expansion, and we continue to work every day to improve our services. Thanks to our excellent work and the satisfaction of our clients, at BJ-CFS, we plan to expand our network of clinics. Our patients’ opinions help us to grow and improve professionally.

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Samuel Signes

We present the case of our patient Samuel Signe. His was diagnosed with advanced alopecia (case 4), for which we performed a procedure of 4877 FUs (10,966 hairs) with the FUE New Dense technique. This is the only technique that allows the donor area to regenerate up to 40%. Check out this video that we published on our YouTube channel, where Samuel talks about his experience and gives us his opinion about CFS Hair Group. You can also see his radical change from these images.

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Javier Barahona

Five years ago, Javier Barahona underwent a hair implant at CFS Clinic in Barcelona. Our patient told us about his experience, highlighting our exceptionally attentive treatment and the great team of people that make up CFS Barcelona. He also stressed that he felt very cared for before and after the operation by our specialists and the recovery process went according to plan. It is important to emphasise that Javier was very satisfied with the final results, fulfilling his expectations.

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YouTuber xLightxningx has published a video on his YouTube channel, where he explains his results after undergoing a hair transplant at our clinic in Barcelona.

We recommend that you visit the video on his channel, as you will be able to discover in detail his job, his progress and his amazing change. His explanations will bring you closer to what our patients feel.

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A few years ago, our patient Ramon underwent a hair transplant at thehairline and temples. The teatment was performed at the CFS Barcelona clinic using the FUSS technique.

You can check out Ramon’s opinion on our YouTube channel and learn about his hair implant as well as discover how he was before and after the procedure. The patient was totally satisfied with the final results, and he encourages you to have a hair implant that will give you a totally natural look .

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In this video David explains his hair transplant experience and why he chose the CFS Hair Group to perform the operation. If you are still in doubt, or do not know where to get your hair implant operation, or need advice, do not hesitate to contact David or our medical team. David will explain to you what steps he has taken and why he chose to stay in Spain for the hair transplant. Our team will answer any of your questions or resolve any doubts you may have.


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