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Hair Graft Techniques

[vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1600207439488{margin-top: -60px !important;}”][vc_column][vc_column_text]At CFS Hair Group, we have various hair graft techniques Thanks to more than 30 years of experience, we have been able to improve, innovate and achieve better results with the techniques currently offered in the market. That is why our clinics are committed to written certification for each of the techniques and treatments we offer our clients. The hair implant techniques that we offer at our clinics are the following:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column el_align=”center” width=”1/4″][vc_single_image image=”5712″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]


The FUE New Dense-Sapphire technique is an evolution of the FUE Sav technique, bringing together the best advantages of the FUE and FUSS techniques, with the only drawback being the need to shave the head. With this technique, the regeneration rate is 30 to 40%. We can perform procedures of up to 5000 follicular units (about 11000 hairs) in ONE DAY (as opposed to the other techniques) which considerably decreases the price. In addition, this hair implant technique has evolved to be the least aggressive in the market.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_single_image image=”5713″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]


Unlike the FUE NEW DENSE-Sapphire technique, the FUE SAV-SAPPHIRE is not a surgical procedure because a strip of skin is not removed with a scalpel but rather it is extracted directly from the donor area. This hair grafting technique does not require shaving the head, and there is no resulting scar. It is very thorough and delicate procedure, so we limit ourselves to small operation of up to 1500 hair implants (3300 hairs) per session.

Since we avoid the discomfort of shaving the entire head, it is a very good option if the amount of hair implants is small.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column el_align=”center” width=”1/4″][vc_single_image image=”8053″ img_size=”full”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]


With the new hipster fashion, more and more men are letting their beards grow. One of the factors to take into account when performing this beard hair grafting technique is the irregularity of the beard’s hair line. It’s as if we were drawing a line but on the face. That means it has to be irregular so that it looks as natural as possible. The patient will have to trim his beard to give it the shape he wants. This beard hair will grow for life, with the exact same genetic programming and in the same way as it would in the area from which it was extracted. It will not need any special care.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_single_image image=”8158″ img_size=”full”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]


The pubic implant is a hair grafting technique that’s increasingly in demand, either to repopulate hairless areas of the pubis or areas totally depopulated due to repetitive hair removal sessions. The process is identical to a hair transplant operation and we use the FUE New Dense technique (no scarring). Follicles are extracted from the donor area (nape and sides) to implant them in the desired area (usually located on the Mount of Venus). The operation is performed under local anesthesia and without pain, lasts only a few hours and the patient can return home the same day.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column el_align=”center” width=”1/4″][vc_single_image image=”9533″ img_size=”full”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment that uses a special chamber to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. Through a tube, the air pressure is raised up to three times the normal level. The treatment provides, in a very preventive way, oxygen to the areas that need it. In other words, the “intervened or damaged” cells are revitalized andregenerated earlier and more quickly. Therefore, it is very effective as a reinforcement in multiple diseases since it is a health promoting treatment and almost without contraindications in healthy patients.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_single_image image=”10063″ img_size=”full”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]


Hair micro-pigmentation is a hair technique that consists of giving a shaded effect to the scalp by imitating a hair stubble. The process consists of making very fine dots with natural pigments (which do not change color over time) in the area to be treated, reducing the color difference between the scalp and existing hair. The dots must be as fine as possible to obtain a totally natural result and the design of the hairline should be completely irregular, blurred, and with a little asymmetry. This is the signature of the specialist. It can’t be totally straight, as the result would be very artificial.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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