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    You should be given a written estimate and it must specify the number of follicular units and the approximate number of hairs that will be implanted on the day of the procedure. An estimate for 3000 follicular units is totally different than one for 3000 hairs! The aesthetic results are completely different. More information: The difference between follicular units and hair

    And finally, the most important thing is that they offer a WRITTEN PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE.


    If all these requirements are not met, the surgery results are likely to be disastrous. In our hair implants blog we have a real testimony on this topic .

    There are hair institutes that sell products and collaborate with doctors who do not specialize in hair implants but who are dedicated to various other treatments (aesthetic medicine, hair removal, hair treatments, anti-obesity treatments, etc.). So, beware of the so-called ‘clinics’ that you visit in flats with an office or any other so-called centre, hair institute, hair centre, etc. Of course, be wary of those that do not show photographs on their webpage or that force you to go to a face-to-face consultation, as well as centres that advise you to follow hair treatments before (and after) performing the surgery.

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