Equipment and facilities of May Capillary Medical Clinic.


At MAY Capillary Medical Clinic, it is the surgeons who perform the intervention and not auxiliaries as is the case in the vast majority of hair clinics, which is totally prohibited.

The surgeons are responsible for extracting the follicles from the donor area and making all the incisions where the follicular units are implanted, taking into account the inclination, direction and appropriate density to obtain a completely natural aesthetic result.

Dra. Giovanna Henriquez

Dr. Giovanna Henriquez Bertaggia

Col No.: 61505

“I’m Dr. Giovanna Henriquez Bertaggia, trichologist and hair surgeon. I completed my Master’s degree in Trichology and Micro Hair Transplantation in Barcelona, Spain. Specialist in FUE, DHI and MHI techniques. During the preparation of my master’s degree I carried out daily practices in clinics specialized exclusively in hair implants with different hair surgeons and real patients in Spain and Portugal, applying all the techniques of extraction, implantation, diagnosis and treatment of alopecia. With more than 6 years dedicating myself daily to hair transplants, I have performed numerous operations acquiring a great experience in the world of hair implants.

I am a lover of art, so I consider that hair transplantation or restoration is not only a surgical procedure that requires skill, knowledge of physiology, anatomy and techniques to be performed, but also an assessment of the patient’s expectations and a great artistic sense on the part of the specialist to reproduce exactly what is to be improved.

I guide you in the world of hair transplantation and in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of alopecia to achieve excellent results whether in female or male hair implant or facial feminization.

If you need a valuation, write to us. We’re here to help.”

Hair medical clinic specialized in hair transplantation.


With 30 years of experience in the field of prevention and correction of baldness, present in Spain, Portugal and France, we offer the best hair implant techniques, always obtaining the best aesthetic and natural results at the best price.

With more than 50,000 operations performed (between all the group’s clinics), we guarantee written results and are able to transplant up to 8,000 hairs in a single day.

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