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We present the advance that represents for ahair transplant FUE Sapphire, (the use of Sapphire, instead of metal) in the process of a hair implant intervention.

At MAY Hair Medical Group, we are exclusively dedicated to hair implants, and everything related to medical or natural hair treatments. We test all the technological advances offered by the different hair appliance suppliers. We use a tool that allows us to make the incisions where the follicles are implanted and that provides a significant improvement during and after the hair transplant intervention.

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What is the process of the "FUE Sapphire Hair Transplant" technique.

With both the FUE Sapphire technique and the FUE with “Implanter” (or commonly called “DHI Technique”), doctors are the ones who perform the extractions of the follicles from the donor area, taking particular care not to damage the donor area.

The only difference is in the way the follicles are implanted in the recipient area. The final aesthetic result is exactly the same with one technique as with the other.

Once the follicles have been extracted, they are implanted.

The process consists of making micro incisions with a Sapphire tip and transplanting the follicles into them; Also known as "stick and place". Incisions are made in the patient's receiving area (in MAY they are made by the surgeon) taking into account the inclination, direction and density so that the aesthetic result is as natural as possible. These incisions can be made with lancets or metal needles or with a sapphire tip.

Implantation technique.

Once the doctor has made the incisions with the sapphire tip, the nurses gently insert the follicles with special forceps. Once the follicle is inserted, it will follow the inclination and direction that the doctor has previously determined, making the incisions with the tip of Sapphire.

Advantages of an FUE Sapphire Hair Transplant:

  • First, it allows for faster recovery.
  • Second, it’s less aggressive.
  • Third, the cuts are very clean and finer than with metal blades (either lancets or needles).
  • Fourth, being sapphire, the cut is much less invasive and clean.

It is true that it is a much more expensive material and that is why the vast majority of clinics use metal ones, but at MAY we prefer to work with quality material to always offer the best results.

At May we work with both techniques (Sapphire and Implanter or DHI) and the patient can choose between one and the other if they prefer. However, it is important to know that the aesthetic result will be exactly the same with both techniques. The difference is not in the technique but in the experience of the professional who uses it.

There are doctors who only work with the Sapphire FUE and others with the DHI FUE (implanters). It depends on how they have been trained and the medical equipment they have.

Factors to take into account with the FUE Sapphire Hair Transplant technique:

  • With the FUE Sapphire Hair Transplant technique, the medical team has to have a lot of experience.
  • It is necessary to have skill when implanting the follicles since it is a very laborious, precise and meticulous job.
  • It is more complicated to perform the intervention and that is why many doctors start working with the FUE DHI.

Was it Sapphire or DHI?

Those who only dedicate themselves to a single technique will give you all the advantages and tell you that it is the best but in reality, the two techniques give the same aesthetic results. So, if you don’t have any preference for one of the two, you can rest assured and let our doctors advise you as they will always give you the best solution depending on your case. If, on the other hand, you have a preference or are more convinced by one technique than another, you can choose the one you like the most since we offer both of them.

Our Concerns

Personal cualificado

Qualified Doctors

Doctors are the ones who perform the intervention and not assistants.

Densidad capilar

Maximum hair density

We take maximum care of the donor and recipient areas to ensure adequate density.

Soluciones personalizadas

Adapted and customized solution

After years of experience, we have observed that the needs of each patient are different.

We study and define the front line according to your face so that it is as natural as possible.

Compromiso de implantación

Implementation Commitment

We believe in what we do and that is why we guarantee our results with total commitment.


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