Hair Implant Experience

Before and after a hair transplant.

Photographs and results of a complete process from the 1st day to the 10th month.

Here we show you with images what a hair implant is like with the complete process from its intervention to the end of the treatment and the experience of a real patient written by him. We have performed a hair transplant procedure with the FUE “Exclusive” technique. 2572 follicular units have been extracted and implanted in a single day!

We are currently able to perform interventions of up to 4000 follicular units (Around 8800 hairs) in a single day. This new advance allows the patient to avoid spending two days in the operating room (which is usually done in many hair implant clinics in Europe) and, above all, to save a large amount of money since the price of the intervention decreases considerably.

In addition, by applying this new system called “Exclusive” FUE, we have considerably improved the quality of the work, the hair implants are of much higher quality (compared to the traditional FUE technique), which is absolutely essential to advance in these techniques.

Below, I will tell you about my experience with this clinic.

My name is Javier Martin and I am a real patient. The first thing you may ask yourself is why I have decided to share my personal experience and my photos of the entire process of a hair implant.

Very simply, I am tremendously grateful to this clinic for having been able to recover my lost image, and I have volunteered to tell you how the election process was, and all the questions that arose at the time, as well as until I was able to solve my baldness problem.

I haven’t been paid to attribute in the explanation and share my personal experience…

What’s more, if you need to talk to me, in the clinic they have my mobile phone in case I can help you in something regarding the content that I am going to share with you below (for the incredulous to tell you that when a person like me has suffered so much with my complex and having been able to solve my baldness problem, It has not been a problem for me to share my case and so on to be able to help all the people who have gone through a similar situation to mine).

Before performing a hair implant.

First I exhausted all the resources with Hair Treatments, and I tried my best to Slow or Stop the Fall and How to Strengthen It, (this post will be very useful to know that Hair Treatments>> are the most effective) going to specialist consultations without any results and I was even deceived with treatments that were sold to me as miraculous (this would be enough to talk about for a long time), but well, the important thing is that in the end I take the best solution for me.

I asked myself all kinds of questions such as:

What is my hair problem?

What can be the cause of hair loss?

Why does baldness occur?

In my specific case, I started to lose my hair at a very young age (at the age of 24 I was almost hairless , bald, which now I don’t have a hard time recognizing), and believe that it’s very fucked up to look in the mirror so young and not recognize yourself. With age you mature, but in my case I became a self-conscious (yes, now you will say to yourself, that it is a lack of self-esteem and blah, blah, blah…) the profession is carried inside.

When I really decided to take a definitive solution, the only salvation was to put on hair.

Now comes the most tedious phase and the one with the most confusion and I’ll explain why. I’m going to skip the step of explaining to you when I started looking for information and researching what this is all about:

What is a hair transplant?>>

How is a hair implant done?>>

How many follicular units are needed for a hair transplant?

Where is the hair extracted for a hair transplant?

How long does hair transplant surgery take? tags.

What is the donor site? and many other questions, until you find yourself involved in a cycle of continuous and sometimes dead-end questions, since on the internet… I’m going to stop at this point because it gives us the opportunity to talk about and clarify this information and whether it’s better to get hair in Turkey or Spain.

Getting hair in Turkey or Spain.

When you meet someone first-hand so that they can tell you about their experience of how to get hair in Turkey, it can reassure you a little more, because honestly, what you see on the internet can be scary. Yes, of course there are very good clinics in Turkey, as in all places in the world, I think, but I’ll leave the price for later.

Selling hair transplant operations in travel agencies or hairdressers, the truth is, what do you want me to tell you, (it’s your own health and such a difficult decision to make), didn’t give me credibility or generate confidence from the beginning. If they paint everything very beautiful, they tell you that they have already sold I don’t know what and I don’t know what else… I’m not questioning this sales practice. In Turkey the truth is that if it were not for the price there is nothing else that you cannot find in Spain, also here there are more than qualified professionals (I know this since after having had two hair transplants, having researched for a while). But be careful, also be careful with hair clinics in Spain that promise you unlimited follicles, as this is not the case, because each person has a limited>> donor area.

Hair transplant in Spain.

It’s time to share with you, because I decided to get a hair transplant in Spain and not in Turkey.

You have to be realistic and if you are bald or very tight and you think that the solution is to travel to Turkey because you are going to grow a mane for a few thousand euros, sorry, but you are very wrong.

To begin with, depending on your case, you will almost certainly need two interventions (if your hair problem is a lack of hair on the top of your entire head). And this is where I started to decide on this clinic.

Decision making!

From the first moment they were totally honest with me and told me how many implants I need and the security of having a hair transplant. As I mentioned before, I have made two, first the front and then the back. So far so normal (although you are terribly disappointed to know that you have to spend twice as much).

In my case, I have very fine and very oily hair, and believe me that this is a real problem since it is not the same as being bald with a good donor>> area

, or that you are bald with the same problem as me. This is when you have to have a Complete Diagnosis>> , precise and study the case in detail, and why I tell you this; Well, because your donor area is scarce like mine because you have fine hair and greasy hair, it’s not to go around playing.

Donor area

The donor>> area is where your hair is going to be extracted (follicular units is the correct term).

If they don’t walk carefully and precisely, your dream is over forever (yes, it’s that hard, but it’s reality). If you don’t believe me, research a few people who have gone to Turkey and have come back with another even harder problem (they have sacrificed the donor area because they are not looking so accurately where and how they are going to extract your hair to transplant it in the fastest way), and you know why this usually happens; for the price.

As it is a lower price, they do not mince words, because of the time they have allocated to that cost, they usually go to slaughter, because at the end of everything it is to make a profit without caring the most, maximum, about your own well-being (I do not want to say that all clinics are the same, since when so many people go there will also be good ones, But if you find one that doesn’t secure your process, you’re going to be left with an even bigger problem.)

One more experience..

I’ve seen and met a guy of the same age as me (well I’m not that young anymore and since I had the operation it’s been a few years, hehe), what I’m going to…

This person went with all his dreams and now he finds that he has had to have all the hair touch-ups done here in Spain, and no, it has not been in this clinic. His donor area is a mess and they can’t do a second one because he has had to repair the disaster caused with the second intervention aimed at putting hair on the back of his head, and solve as far as possible, the fact that he has a more or less normal aesthetic appearance in the part where the first one was done. The worst thing is that you notice that the implant is not natural and the back of the head (the donor>> area

, you can see a lack of hair). So, be very careful in the hands of who you get to perform a hair implant.

Having shared with you so far all the fundamental aspects of my process, I end up telling you how I was treated in this hair clinic in Barcelona.

My decision to have surgery at May hair medical group in Barcelona.

I had a Hair Advisor who is in charge of carrying out my process, as well as meeting the Doctor in person before the intervention, is a fundamental aspect to take into account, giving me total confidence with the explanations of pros and cons of my intervention (As I mentioned before because I have fine, oily hair and a sparse donor area).

Another point in favor of
May hair medical clinic
is that they give you the results in writing (this point is better that you consult with the clinic, as they will explain it in detail), but basically it is that they assure you the growth of almost 90% of the implants performed. An implant can be one-hair, two-hair, three-hair, or even four-hair. The clinic will give you a summary of what your case has been.

The doctor is the one who performs the intervention and not the technical assistants.

In addition I have to add that the front line was made naturally (hence they study your case so that it is a favorable aesthetic result), and do not make the front line totally symmetrical (that you do not have an artificial or straight line resulting in the dreaded doll hair), it is when the song gives a league that you have a Hair implant (yes, it’s okay that having hair is more than enough but you have to see the quality of the results in a hair transplant). In addition to the hair implant, I had a scalp mircopigmentation (it is basically covering your scalp with pigments to make it darker, further improving your aesthetic appearance).

Yes, that’s right, not only are they implant specialists with a proven track record of more than 25 years in this sector, but they also offer more hair solutions adapting so that you have the best aesthetic result. If you are interested in this last section, you can see more information at this link (

Questions to ask a hair clinic.

I also have to tell you, when you make consultations with other clinics, to ask them about:

  1. The quality of the insertion.
  2. Insertion pattern.
  3. Ask about your native hair.
  4. What does your donor area look like? and what capacity it has!
  5. How many follicular units can you extract?
  6. Manipulation of follicular units.
  7. What kind of extraction and implantation. It is advisable to use micromotor and implantation / implanter kid.
  8. Hair transplant survival.
  9. By the safety zone “depletion” (Depletion of the area means exhaustion of the donor area, it happens when an overexploitation of the area is carried out by a hair implant). These factors are super important to have a good hair density, as well as, the native hair keeps a certain homogeneity with the implanted ones (wondering if the transplanted hair falls out), this question along with those I mention below is better that you ask them directly, however, I recommend that you read the article that is published on this website, Go to post>>

I hope I have helped you with my experience and issues to consider before having a hair transplant.

I could go into How long does it take for hair to grow? (I invite you to take a look at the images I have left on this page of the complete process of a hair transplant), how long do implants last Can hair implanted in a hair transplant fall out? But I think this part is better done by you, contacting the clinic and making your own consultation so that they can respond to you in a personalized way.

To conclude, and give my honest opinion, is that it is enough to stop being bald, since as I have told you several times (my degree of baldness was all over the upper part and the vertex or crown), but be careful, do not think that you are going to have the hair of when you were young, since that is going to be almost impossible, because the Donor area is limited. But if you’re going to get your true image back by having hair to be able to cover your whole head (I’m not going to go into densities and so on… since each person responds in a different way to hair implant treatment).

Ahh, I forgot, the before and after of a hair transplant is as important. What I mean, the post-operative period, consultations, doubts, follow-up and evaluation.

Complete patient process with photos.

You can check prices for this and other services in the prices>> Or if you have any questions about this or any other service, you can contact us through the following link: form>> And we will answer all your questions about hair services (transplants, grafts,…) without any inconvenience and as quickly as possible.


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