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Welcome to May Medical Hair Clinic

Hair medical unit, specialized in hair implants.

More than 23 years dedicated to hair transplants.

Hair transplant

Doctors and surgeons with extensive experience in hair implants.

Highly qualified, to offer you the best service and personalized solution.

Hair treatments

Topical treatments.

Oral treatments.

Hair mesotherapy.

Beard Hair Implants

Beard implants to hide scars or birthmarks.

Hair implants in the beard area but for aesthetic reasons

Hair medical clinic specialized in hair implants.


If your priority is to find a clinic specialized in hair transplantation to solve your problem of baldness, alopecia or hair loss, we can help you find the solution that best suits your needs to recover your true image.

We offer a guarantee of growth of at least 95% of the transplanted hairs as well as, a totally natural-looking result.

We also perform both medical and natural and personalized hair treatments to stop hair loss, strengthen hair loss and promote hair growth.

Hundreds of patients have trusted us to get their hair back in complete confidentiality.

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Why May Hair Clinic?

A large trajectory of successful transplants with many years of demonstrated experience employing only our own doctors and facilities. We don’t treat our patients like numbers but offer personalised treatment. By choosing quality over quantity, you feel you’re being treated as if you were at home.

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Frequent questions…

A hair transplant consists of extracting hair from the donor area (sides and nape of the neck) and transplanting it into the recipient area (area with hair deficiency).
We use local anaesthesia keeping any pain to a minimum. Pain is not a determining factor for considering a hair transplant.
Our doctors don’t perform massive extractions and they respect the donor area, being especially careful not to cause any damage.

Our surgeons perform the operation and not technicians like in a large majority of hair transplant clinicswhich is totally prohibited.

To perform a hair implant it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the different hair transplant techniques and above all, that it is a hair surgeon who performs the intervention and not hair assistants or technicians as we have already mentioned repeatedly.

The estimated duration is about 6 hours, keeping in mind that this is an approximation and depends on the characteristics and needs of each individual patient.
We always indicate in writing the number of follicular units that we are going to implant. We manually count the follicular units, and the best guarantee is the transplant follow-up when we can see that the new hair growth is appropriate.

Currently we can obtain more than 95% growth of transplanted hair and with this type of procedure avoid any scarring.

Personal cualificado

Qualified Doctors

Our surgeons perform the operation and not technicians

Densidad capilar

Maximum hair density

We take maximum care of the donor and recipient areas to guarantee sufficient density.

Soluciones personalizadas

Adapted and customized solution

After years of experience, we have observed that the needs of each patient are different.

We study anddefine each case according to the patient’s facial structure so that it’s as natural as possible.

Compromiso de implantación

Implementation Commitment

We believe in what we do and that’s why we guarantee our results with total commitment.

Xavier Carrera
Xavier Carrera
Estuve varios años pidiendo consejo en farmacias para parar la caída del cabello, comprando, e incluso haciendo un tratamiento con una supuesta Dra. Capilar. Pero nunca obtuve resultados correctos. El Dr. Christopher de May ha sido el único que me ha conseguido volver a aflorar densidad de pelo en la coronilla (hasta desaparecer la calva) y en las entradas con mi pelo natural. Para mi, un 10. Y solo puedo decir Gracias!
Frank Simonian
Frank Simonian
J’ai connu cette clinique grâce à un ami qui avait fait une opération à Barcelone et je dois dire que le résultat est spectaculaire. Je suis vraiment ravi et je recommande la Clinique sans oublier la chirurgienne Giovanna Henriquez qui a fait un travail extraordinaire. Vous avez changé ma vie pour toujours. Un grand merci.
Fernando López
Fernando López
Hace ya dos años y medio que me hicieron el transplante capilar y lo único que puedo decir es que estoy muy agradecido y contento por los resultados obtenidos. Muy profesionales con su trabajo, y trato humano exquisito. Recomendable 100% sin dudarlo
Era Matea
Era Matea
Me dieron muchas facilidades para agendar cita y se adaptaron a mi horario. Resolvieron todas mis dudas y pude hablar con varios especialistas para poder encontrar la mejor solución en mi caso. No intentan venderte una cosa u otra. Se adaptan a tus necesidades y esto me gustó muchísimo. Los recomiendo por la honestidad y por los resultados.
juan magic
juan magic
como usted bien dice no tienen culpa de nada,ya que nunca me e operado en su clinica,y por suerte ese personaje no tiene nada que ver con ustedes, y como la reseña no la puedo quitar no se porque motivo google no me deja,le dejo este escrito y le valoro con 5 estrellas por su educacion y respeto hacia mi persona en su respuesta.saludos.
Antonio Sánchez
Antonio Sánchez
Equipo muy amable y profesional. Ofrecen garantía de resultado y es principalmente por lo que me decidí por ellos. No me arrepiento.
Jeffrey Breyer
Jeffrey Breyer
Nothing less than spectacular results at a very reasonable cost! It’s been 18 months since I had my second procedure for final total of 2500 grafts at May hair clinic and the results are way beyond what I expected. I now have a full head of hair that looks natural and is completely functional. For the first time in decades, I can comb my hair back or style it any way I please. The staff at May hair clinic is highly professional – very attentive to clients’ needs. During the entire process, including pre and post-op, they gave me customised customer service. I have been so pleased – at half the price of doing it in the United States – that I have recommended the clinic to two friends. They also have been exceptionally pleased with their respective results.
Xavier Arfelis
Xavier Arfelis
Una clínica de 10, hace 6 meses que me decidí hacer el transplante capilar y fue un acierto decantarme por esta clínica. Mi cambio es espectacular, estoy muy contento, el trato siempre amable y muy profesionales. Gracias por todo. 100% recomendables.
Joao Martins
Joao Martins
Elegí a Clínica Médica Capilar porque los precios son correctos y porque quería que fuera el doctor el que me hiciera la intervención. Visité otras clínicas y en muchas de ellas el doctor no opera y eso no me daba confianza. Tampoco no quería irme a Turquía. De momento todo va según me dijeron y estoy muy ilusionado. Muchas gracias a todo el equipo, el trato ha sido estupendo
Los recomiendo 100%. Son serios, profesionales y no te engañan.
Hombre con pelo graso

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